The  industrial gases   sector   is a highly demanding market with challenging requirements of product purity, ever increasing  volumes, and  dependable   back-up   resources  to guarantee   safe and reliable deliveries.It  is in this  discerning  scenario  that BGL has been  operating.   Dedicated  to the production,  distribution  and marketing   of  industrial   gases  for  over three decades, BGL'smission is to meet every customer's  precise needs with thesister company, Bhagawati   Oxygen  Ltd.,  BGL has created a wide network  of compressing  stations to    provide    convenient   "right purity  gas at the right time."

Today,  BGL  produces   and  delivers gases   to   a   spectrum    of   industries including   chemical, metallurgical,pharmaceutical,petrochemical,food processing, heavy  engineering. In addition, the company offers multi process:
   Faceted  technical   expertise to its  valued customers in the following  areas:
  •  Technical  consultancy   to  help  clients select  the  plant   best  suited to their  specific requirements.
  •  Installation  and commissioning of air  separation  and PSA plants of any scale -  large, medium  or
  • Transporting  atmospheric  gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon in liquid state, in cryogenic road  tankers, from the  company's  air separation plants. such liquified gases are either moved  to BGL's   own g a s compressing stations and  distribution centres,  or 4-directly to large customers. The   company also helps install specialised  equipment for handling and storing   gases below -196°C:
  • Along   with   its   sister company, Bhagawati   Oxygen  Ltd.,  BGL has created a wide network  of compressing  stations to    provide    convenient    access   to customers.
  • Requiring  gases in cylinders. For  large   volume   cylinder   customers, specially     fabricated     truck  trailers transport    the   gases  to   location   with utmost safety and care small.
  • Execution    of  turnkey    gas  projects   on Build-Own-Operate-Maintain(BOOM) basis.
  • Bulk   handling   and distribution    of gases in liquid   and vapour  form.
  • Supplies of medical  Oxygen  to hospitals and nursing homes.

To  benefit   large   volume   gas consumers   like  copper  smelters, BGL endeavours to create installed capacity at   or   near   the   point   of    actual consumption. In fact, today over 60% of BGL's total Oxygen  supply   is   through pipelines  from  plants constructed  in the vicinity of large  industries that require a continuous  supply  of the  gas Industrial gasesalso  require a   high  degree  of  expertise in storage  and movement.BGL has the experience  and capability  of In  the area  of special gases, signifying ultra  high purity gases &  gas mixtures,BGL offers customised products. These are  being supplied for R&D, product  & process control, environmental monitoring, and  medical care & diagnosis applications. BGL's  gases feature extremely low PPM levels of impurities  to match demanding purity requirements of end users .