Bhagawati Gas Ltd. (BGL) is engaged in the treatment and Bioremediation of polluted water bodies like lakes, ponds, rivers, drains, STP's, ETP's as well as with numerous industry segments like Chemical, Agrochemical, Distillery, Leather, Pharmaceutical Intermediate, Textile, Electroplating etc. The research and application group, with experience of more than 3 decades is associated with us. The group has gained practical experience based on commercial application of Bioremediation in industrial wastes which were earlier considered untreatable through biological means.

Our technology makes use of well researched and customized Micro – Algae Consortia and nutrition and growth hormones to treat Eutrophication and pollution in Water bodies.We may like to confirm that we use No Toxic and Inorganic Chemicals. Our products are 100% environment friendly and organic which promote biotic life like Zoo Planktons, Fish etc.

In so far as quality of treatment is concerned and nature of effluents we can address, algal technology is far ahead of any other competing biological technology. Below are some of the advantages of Phyco remediation versus conventional ETP/STP technology:-

  1. Project rollout can be immediate and results can be visible within a very short span of time.
  2. Any Polluted River irrespective of length, route and topography can be remediated with a visible impact that can be noticeable in 12 months time.
  3. Quality of treatment far superior than STP as apart from removing COD and BOD, it also removes     Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Phosphates, Odor, cyanides and Fecal coliform.
  4. Highly cost competitive if equated with other conventional technologies.
  5. ·Very minimal electricity requiremeHas the potential to create huge employment as local communities will be involved.
  6. Very minimal capital infrastructure required.
  7. Almost No maintenance in comparison to STP.
  8.  Will improve environment in areas surrounding to Polluted water bodies
  9. Will help farmers to grow vegetables with clean and organically rich and clean nutritional water