Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Company Description:

The aim is to provide Energy efficiency, optimization and debottlenecking of energy generation and utilization processes to promote renewable and sustainable technologies

BGL proposes to work with clients to provide solutions in order to generate part of their energy needs through renewable technologies. This will reduce carbon emissions, reduce water consumption and promote energy independence and generate green jobs. BGL is working with companies with similar vision and cutting edge technologies.

Business Overview

 We design and install grid-tie and off-grid solar electric photovoltaic systems to both residential and commercial customers, including customers with large industrial requirements. In addition, we design and install systems involving specific applications such as water pumping or lighting. Our competitive advantage is that we have along with our associates’ extensive engineering experience in renewable energy technologies and are committed to quality components and installation.

 Services Offered

·         Professional Engineering Consulting.

·         Turnkey project for setting up large scale solar photovoltaic power plants

·         Custom Product Design and Documentation

·         Zero Energy Home and Community Design

·         Renewable Energy Resources Consulting

·         Photovoltaic Power Plant Design and Optimization

·         Renewable Energy System Installation and Field Maintenance Service.

Target customers are Power project developers, Building complexes, Factories, Energy farms and Industrial complexes looking for ecologically friendly solutions to their energy needs.

Renewable Solar Energy

 Renewable Energy is derived from natural resources that are replenished constantly.  In its various forms, it derives directly from the sun, or from heat generated within the earth. Renewable energy effectively makes use of natural resources such as sun, wind, tides and geothermal heat which are naturally replenished. Most of the renewable technologies/source of energy is directly or indirectly controlled by the sun.  The sun is the main cause of renewing the energy. Solar power can also be converted to thermal energy and used to light homes, buildings, heat water. Solar energy is most readily available source of energy.

Solar Energy Power Plants:

Many organizations around the world rely on solar energy as their primary or only source of electricity. Solar electricity is now a mainstream choice for power plants.

Energy surrounds us. Energy touches us every moment of the day. Energy from the sun sustains life. Now, that energy can be harvested for your benefit.

There are options for people who need electricity in areas where grid power is unavailable. In areas with sufficient sunshine, solar provides the most reliable, safe, and user-friendly source of electricity for the long term. Today, solar technology is more affordable and accessible to the mainstream than ever before.


 The  solar  array  comprises  of solar  modules  that  generate  DC  electricity  in  proportion  to the  amount of sunlight  available, generating  the most power  on  a  clear  day  when  the  sun  is  at  a  normal  angle  to the array.

The  DC  power  produced  from  Solar  Array  is  fed  in  to  a  INVERTER and with the help of this Inverter this energy is converted in AC power to operate the AC load.

The solar array is anchored on the ground using special material and equipment. The solar array comprises of solar modules interconnected electrically in series and parallel. These solar modules are fastened to a support structure, which is fixed on to floor.